16 Foods That Energize Your Body

The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil offer a quick and effective source of energy. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

The medium chain triglycerides in coconut oil offer a quick and effective source of energy. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Keep a selection of these foods on hand to keep you full and energized all day (via The Huffington Post Canada):

  1. Water. Much like gasoline for cars, water is your body’s most essential fuel. It keeps all of your body’s cells working at optimum levels. To avoid mid-morning fatigue, start your morning with a tall (12 ounces or larger) glass of water.
  2. Almonds. Raw and unsalted almonds are a good source of healthy fats and protein to balance blood sugar levels, which can plummet when you don’t eat over several hours. Eating one ounce of almonds (about 23) also reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.
  3. Quinoa. This grain is a complex carbohydrate, which is digested slowly to provide sustained energy and keep you feeling full. Try adding cinnamon, raisins and almonds to warm quinoa for an energizing breakfast.
  4. Dark chocolate. The iron and magnesium in dark chocolate are highly-effective energizers. Opt for  dark chocolates that are at least 70 percent cocoa.
  5. Bananas. Rich in potassium and energizing B vitamins, bananas also slow down digestion to help keep your blood sugar levels stable.
  6. Bran flakes. This easy breakfast option is packed with B vitamins, iron and magnesium, all of which work to boost your energy levels. Bran flakes are also rich in fiber, which will help to keep you full longer and stabilize your blood sugar levels.
  7. Salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids in salmon jump-start your body’s energy production, brain activity and circulation, and also keep your heart healthy.
  8. Curry. The turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and other spices in curry boost energy levels with antioxidants, normalize blood sugar levels, and promote good circulation throughout your body.
  9. Coconut. The oil in coconuts is composed primarily of medium chain triglycerides, fats that the body can turn into energy quickly, preventing your from feeling drained.
  10. Legumes. Lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans and other lentils keep your blood glucose levels stable to avoid afternoon energy crashes.
  11. Eggs. The iron and protein in eggs combine with choline, a B-vitamin essential to brain function and energy production, to offer a powerful energy surge.
  12. Whole grains. From wheat bread  to oats to brown rice, whole grains are full of fiber, B vitamins and iron, which work together to promote lasting energy until your next meal.
  13. Citrus fruits. The vitamin C in lemons and limes strengthens your immune system, helping you to resist and fight off illnesses more easily and with less of a drain on your energy reserves.
  14. Yogurt. This healthy snack packs probiotics to power up your immune system and increase energy.
  15. Kale. Considered the ultimate superfood by many nutrition experts, kale is chock-full of vitamins and minerals, and an amazing energy booster. For the best results, try cooking kale in oil and balsamic vinegar, which will make its nutrients more readily absorbed by your body.
  16. Ginger tea. Served warm or iced, ginger infused tea contains a host of antioxidants and nutrients to give you an afternoon boost.

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