2012 BizicallyFIT Health Challenge – Overview

The 2012 BizicallyFIT Health Challenge offers Minnesotans a way to kick off 2012 with some healthy competition. Together, teams of coworkers, friends and family will earn points for healthy behaviors like dropping extra pounds, physical activity, and healthy eating choices. Teams from businesses, community groups and families all over Minnesota will compete for real-time rankings and virtual trophies.

Sign up for the challenge! Registration is now open to anyone who lives or works in Minnesota, age 18 and older. The Challenge runs twelve weeks, from February 13 to May 4, 2012. Please spread the word!

How It Works:

  1. Individuals sign up and then create or join a team
  2. Team members individually track their exercise minutes, pedometer steps, and/or weight loss at 2012HealthChallenge.com each week
  3. Competitors follow the online Leaderboard for rankings and bragging rights
  4. Virtual trophies are awarded to top scoring teams

Note: Make sure to add BizicallyFIT@HealthierMN.com to your email address book to ensure you don’t miss out on critical information about the challenge.

Are you ready for some healthy competition?

Team Up to Shape Up

The 2012 BizicallyFIT Health Challenge is the first step towards a lifetime of good health. This challenge offers three core metrics: pedometer steps, exercise minutes and weight loss percentage. Begin by registering as a team captain and invite people to join your team! Teams can range in size from 1 to 11. (Teams must have at least 5 members to be eligible for overall awards or to be listed on the leaderboard.) New this year, you’ll be able to create mini-challenges and more easily interact with team members and rival teams!

Network with Others

Create your online profile to get the most out of this socially networked wellness program. Here, you can select from a variety of activities and interests, and set personal health goals. Be sure to upload your photo and contact information so others can invite you to mini-challenges and conversations during the competition! Concerned about privacy? With our privacy controls, you determine which information about you is visible to people in the network.

Resources to Succeed

Having the right tools can empower you on a daily basis. Take advantage of our Calorie Tracker, where you can see your personal daily calorie goal, along with our 100,000-item food database for healthy choices. You can also join conversations and engage with the network of other competitors on healthy topics. Visit our BizicallyFIT Toolkit page for example tweets, flyers, captain resources, and more!

Mobile Options for Participation & Tracking

You don’t need to be online to be part of our program. Sign up to track your activity and results by text message and never miss a moment. Or use your web-enabled mobile phone to track your daily activity. This wellness program is designed to fit your lifestyle!

Mobile Browsing Screenshots

Strength in Numbers

Whether you’re looking to reclaim your health or are a seasoned athlete, by joining our challenge and conversations with your team members, you’ll gain the support you need to succeed. Join others from your organization, community or family in mini-challenges, and even make a plan to have a healthy lunch together. The power of teamwork is the best way to get motivated and achieve long-term health goals.

Start your personal journey to better health today. Sign up today!