6 Ways to Move More

Sitting cross-legged on the floor helps your spine to maintain its natural “S” curve. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

It’s a fact: the human body wasn’t designed for a desk job. Here are six ways you can more more every day (via Health.com):

  1. Pace on the phone. Or, stand up while you talk. Invest in an extra long cord or quality headset so you can move about more freely.
  2. Take a walk after eating. Even a 10-minute stroll helps to boost your metabolism, which is especially important after a meal when fat levels in your bloodstream tend to be higher.
  3. At restaurants, opt for bar seats. Sit on the front third of the seat, spread your feet just wider than hip distance, and arch your back slightly. This position is easier on your back because it helps to maintain the natural “S” curve in your spine.
  4. Leave the seat at home. When you’re going to a park, tailgate or concert, don’t pack a chair. This will encourage you to stand more, or to move back and forth between standing and sitting on a picnic blanket.
  5. Do stuff in person. Walk over and talk to your coworker instead of calling or emailing them, or meet up for a walking meeting.
  6. Create multiple workstations. They can all be at the same desk. Create one area for standing, one for sitting, and one small space for sitting cross-legged on the floor, which maintains the “S” curve in your spine. Allowing your body to move into different positions throughout the day is healthier and more natural than staying in one position.

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