Exercise for your 2012 Health Challenge team and your heart health!

As a part of the BizicallyFIT 2012 Health Challenge thousands of Minnesotans will start tracking their exercise minutes, pedometer steps and weight with support from teams of coworkers, friends and family today. Regular exercise will not only propel their teams to success and bragging rights on the leaderboard, but regular physical activity is great for heart health as well!

Exercise improves circulation, reduced bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, helps mainatin a healthy weight, improves sleep and reduces stress! Read more on the seven ways physical activity supports heart health at EverydayHealth.com.

It’s not to late to join the BizicallyFIT 2012 Health Challenge. Register, recruit team members and track your activity for Week One (February 13-19) by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21 at 2012HealthChallenge.com


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