7 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

Chat up a coworker for a few minutes to relieve stress and promote happiness. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Chat up a coworker for a few minutes to relieve stress and promote happiness. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

Adopt these seven tips and tricks to stay fit and healthy during your workday (via MindBodyGreen):

  1. Kick your morning (or afternoon) caffeine habit. Caffeine’s quick high comes with an equally sudden “crash” later on, leaving you feeling even more drained. It’s also addictive and a diuretic, which dehydrates you. It can be a hard habit to break because it becomes part of your daily routine. Try replacing it with something healthy, like fruit or nuts, and find other ways to add pep to your step, like chatting with coworkers.
  2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. To ward off trips to the vending machine or office candy bowl, keep healthy snacks like¬†hummus, veggies, fruit, nuts, peanut butter, and whole wheat bread handy for when hunger strikes. Snacking on nutritious food every few hours will also keep your blood sugar levels steady, so that you aren’t ravenous between meals.
  3. Be smart about breakfast and lunch. Busy schedules often mean more eating out, but eating out doesn’t have to mean foregoing good nutrition. For breakfast, seek oatmeal topped with fresh fruit or a veggie omelet. For lunch, hit the salad bar and load up on fruits and veggies. And whenever you can, bring food from home. It’s cheaper and allows you to know precisely what you’re eating (just check the nutrition label).
  4. Drink water. Many people think they are hungry when in fact, they are thirsty. Drinking more water helps you to stay hydrated, which keeps you energized–without caffeine.
  5. Get up and move. Feeling tired? Stand up and move around, even if it’s just a trip to the bathroom. Walking will improve your circulation and stimulate your muscles, helping you to feel less tired. Energy begets more energy!
  6. Connect with people. Not online, in real life. Go hang with the office’s celebrity gossip guru or your funny coworker. Social interactions are shown to reduce stress and encourage happiness.
  7. Set goals. It’s motivating to know you checked things off your list or accomplished certain tasks during your workday. So set some goals for yourself, and work in small and healthy rewards when you complete them, like a short walk listening to your iPod.



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