Can You Take a Walk During Your Next Meeting?

Looking for a way to fit more movement into your day? What’s stopping your workplace from taking a walk during the 5 or 10 percent of meetings that can be done on the go? Not all meetings can be done while walking, but a story in the Concord Monitor offers simple tips on how to move past some common excuses and walk while you talk.

  1. Propose that 5 or 10 percent of all meetings start with the following question: Can we take this topic for a walk?
  2. Schedule walking check-in meetings during the mid-afternoon doldrums to get your blood and creative juices pumping without a trip to the coffee maker or vending machine.
  3. Consider the head-clearing quality a quick walk provides. What fresh perspective and new ideas could this bring?
  4. Walking together in a common direction can feel like a team sport, boosting a sense of teamwork and collaboration. Why not start a project that requires teamwork with a shoulder-to-shoulder walk?

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