Dakota County Regional Chamber Offers BizicallyFIT™ Portal to Members

The Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce is among the first in the state to offer the BizicallyFIT™ portal, a robust new program that will offer area businesses the information and tools they need to seize the benefits of workplace wellness. Seventy-five percent of employers’ health care costs are related to employee lifestyle choices and forward-thinking employers of all sizes are taking steps to help employees embrace healthier lifestyles. The BizicallyFIT™ portal is powered by the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota and accessible to chamber members directly through the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce website.

“Over the past several years, health care costs have been a serious issue for our members. We are excited to offer them tools and information they need to encourage and support employee health, regardless of their size, time or budget constraints,” said Ruthe Batulis, President, Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce. “The BizicallyFIT portal is creating a community of employers throughout Minnesota to share information, best practices and tools. The Dakota County Regional Chamber is proud to lead the way as an early-adopter of BizicallyFIT.”

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