BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge: Plymouth Woman Wins Trip To Biggest Loser Resort

In the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota’s 12-week BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge, 10,000 Minnesotans achieved healthier lifestyles, but Armaity Bilimoria, 38, of Plymouth won a Grand Prize Drawing for one free week at a Biggest Loser Resort fitness camp.

Armaity was selected in a random drawing for a free seven-day stay at a Biggest Loser Resort in California, New York or Utah. She plans to use this Biggest Loser Resort experience to lose 25 pounds before a trip to see her childhood classmates in her hometown of Mumbai, India this December.

“Winning this trip has been the best motivation to get back to a healthier weight,” says Armaity. “I’d like to make the most of my experience at Biggest Loser Resort – to form a sustainable fitness plan that will help me reach my long-term goals after I come home from the Resort.”

Armaity’s favorite workouts include dance fitness classes, the elliptical machine and walking. She lost approximately five pounds during the Challenge and is eager to learn effective weight-loss methods from the Biggest Loser Resort’s expert trainers.

“The hardest parts are staying motivated, holding myself accountable to my goals and finding time to get active,” Armaity said. “I love bread, rice and Indian food recipes with lots of oil and cream, so I’m working to balance my carbs with more protein and eat smaller portions when I enjoy high-fat Indian food.” Armaity advises anyone struggling with his or her weight to “constantly remind yourself of your goal, not give up even when progress is slow, and change your exercise routine every couple of weeks to make exercise more appealing.”

In this year’s BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge, Armaity and her coworkers in the Testing Center of Excellence within the Information Technology group at Target used positive peer pressure in the form of constant email reminders and mini-challenges as motivation to get moving and track their activity. For each week that participants tracked their activity at, they were entered in the Alliance’s Grand Prize Drawing. Participants who tracked their activity each of the 12 weeks during the Challenge were entered in the drawing 12 times.

Armaity ‘s team’s participation in the 2012 Health Challenge was supported by Target’s culture of well-being, which provides tools and support to help team members meet their goals across five dimensions that make life meaningful: health, career engagement, financial security, social relationships and community involvement. Throughout the 12-week BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge, nearly 2,000 Target team members tracked an average of 59 minutes of exercise per day and 9,095 pedometer steps each day.

Biggest Loser Resort offers personalized wellness and individually-tailored fitness and nutrition plans. This results-oriented wellness program provides a unique experience created especially for those who are exhausted by the endless diet cycle and seeking a permanent lifestyle solution. Sione Fa, a former Biggest Loser contestant and trainer at Biggest Loser Resort helped kick off the BizicallyFIT 2012 Health Challenge in early 2012.


About the BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge

The BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge is a free statewide competition designed to encourage Minnesota’s employers to help employees adopt healthy lifestyles. The competition began February 13 and participants tracked their final activities on May 6, 2012. Ten thousand Minnesotans from every corner of the state teamed up with coworkers, friends and family to lose more than 20,000 pounds, walk 1.6 billion steps and exercise 13.2 million minutes over the 12-week Challenge. The Challenge is sponsored by the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota, a group of Minnesota employers joined together to create fun, engaging and informative events and competitions to help Minnesotans get and stay healthy. Alliance members that made this challenge possible include Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Cargill, Medica, the Midwest Dairy Association and Target.


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