Small businesses frequently don’t know where to turn and who to trust for relevant and accurate information related to worksite wellness. They often don’t have the resources to gather information about wellness or to chart a course of action. They demand relevant answers to basic questions.

BizicallyFIT™ is a web portal (currently finishing its beta testing) developed by the Alliance that provides information, resources and tools for employers regarding worksite wellness. It tries to answer key questions for small business owners and managers:


  • Why should I care about wellness?
  • What should I do about it?
  • Where can I find trusted allies and information?
  • How do I measure results?
  • What are the experiences of others like me?

BizicallyFIT™ provides a singular toolkit with dependable information for all companies, regardless of where they are in developing or maintaining wellness-oriented cultures. It is designed to be a trusted resource for employers in all stages of worksite wellness programming. Companies with established worksite wellness programs will discover ways to drive employee engagement in their existing efforts. Likewise, companies just beginning their worksite wellness journeys will find a wealth of reliable information on where to start, how to build and maintain a successful wellness-oriented culture, and how to measure their progress.