The 2013 Healthier Minnesota Challenge

Alliance members believe competitions are a fun and effective way to bring a focus on health to their employee populations. Competition can foster a deeper level of engagement and motivation. For the past three years, the Alliance has hosted an online health competition to aid in this effort, attracting more than 44,000 total participants.

The Challenge tracks pounds lost, minutes exercised and steps walked, and also features social networking tools and mini-challenges that allow participants to easily communicate with team members and rival teams to maintain momentum throughout its duration.

Challenge participants in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 competitions exercised a total of 52,705,242 minutes, losing a collective 133,777 pounds. Participants in the 2012 competition tracked their pedometer steps, racking up 1,610,427,079 – the number of steps it would take to walk around Earth 24.5 times.

“To see our rank in each category climb each week and to eventually top the minutes exercised and climb into the top ten in steps was great motivation.”
– Steve Compton, team captain, Skywalkers Team, Hennepin County Government

“I knew I wanted to lose weight, get active and get healthy, and I wanted a team to help keep me motivated. [Our team] sent encouraging messages to one another and challenged each other to participate in individual challenges throughout the competition. … I have actually begun adding extra time to my daily workout. And my coworker and I are currently in a mini competition with each other to reach our goal fitness level.”
– Aletia Nygaard, team captain, Aletia’s Dream Team, Central Boiler

This year, the Alliance will completely overhaul the competition site, giving participants even greater flexibility in how they keep score and communicate with each other, and in how employers can motivate their employees. Members will receive the following benefits related to the 2013 Healthier Minnesota Challenge:

  1. Be at the creation. Members who join by September 2012 will have direct input on how the site looks and what elements will be included.
  2. Free participation. Members may invite 1,500 participants to join the challenge free of charge, with a $5-per-user entry fee thereafter.
  3. Website advertisement. Members receive a permanent online ad with a link to their company website.
  4. Personalized email to all participants. Members will be able to communicate directly with all health challenge participants with a personalized email.
  5. Direct communication with your participants. Members will be able to communicate directly with all of their client participants throughout the health challenge.
  6. Branded landing page. A personalized landing page branded to each member will be the go-to registration page for their participants.
  7. Events. Members will be invited to three related public events: the kickoff, the mid-event rally and the announcement of winners.