The State of Wellness Awards

This year, the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota will host the first-annual State of Wellness Awards event. This luncheon and networking event will recognize individuals and organizations that play a significant role in improving and supporting the health and wellness of Minnesotans and their communities.

The awards are separated into categories that recognize outstanding achievements in business, community, education and government. There will be special categories for winners of the BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge, cross-sector collaboration and lifetime achievement.

Categories include:

  • Business:  For-profit companies investing in the health of employees, customers and the communities where they do business. There will be subcategories to account for company size.
  • Community and Non-profit Organizations: Mission-focused organizations effectively educating the public and their communities or reducing the incidence of preventable chronic conditions.
  • Cross-sector Collaboration: Business, government, public health, education and or non-profit organizations working together to improve the health of their community, city or county.
  • Education Institutions: Public or private P-12 or post-secondary institutions using innovative tools, programs and collaborations to invest in the health of students, employees and/or families.
  • Government: Public sector employers promoting healthier lifestyles among employees and retirees.
  • Public Health: City, county or state public health organizations working in innovative ways to reduce the unhealthy lifestyle choices that cause preventable chronic diseases.
  • Lifetime Achievement: An individual who during their lifetime has made contributions of outstanding significance in the field of prevention.

Members will receive:

  • Two tickets to the event
  • Two tickets to the VIP reception
  • Event signage
  • A booth or table during the networking events
  • A digital list of all attendees