Why You?

High public purpose. We truly hope that our partner members value the altruistic ways in which our collaboration benefits all employers and employees, both as a business strategy and as a benefit to Minnesota’s entire culture.

Commercial benefit. Just as important, we understand the value to you: If you benefit commercially, we all do. In addition, we believe our members will profit from overlapping benefits, including brand enhancement, market intelligence, high level networking, strategic publicity, sales connections and customer development. While we can’t endorse products or services of our members, we enthusiastically promote the commercial objectives of each of our members and work to put you in a position to exploit them.

Providers of health-related products and services receive tangible benefits from membership in the Alliance.

  • Brand. Alliance members become affiliated with a trusted source of objective information, programs and organizations that care about worksite wellness.
  • Networking. Our vast menu of informational programs will enable members to form exclusive, lasting personal relationships with the decision-making elite among HR executives, as well as other public and private thought leaders.
  • Market Intelligence. Our exclusive off-the-record peer councils will give members access to the unvarnished concerns, challenges and opportunities facing HR executives. In addition, the best practices toolkit developed by our wellness institute will give members access to easily adaptable solutions to relevant issues.
  • Publicity. Members receive numerous opportunities to gain direct or indirect market exposure connected to any Alliance-sponsored activities — and we help them do it.
  • Customer Development. Alliance events will be attended by employers who are either already in the market for wellness assistance or who are looking to enter it.