Health Challenge

The mission of the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota is to harness the power and influence of Minnesota’s employers to inform, entertain and engage our communities — through activities designed to encourage and sustain health and wellness.

Why Competitions?

Alliance members believe competitions are a fun way to bring a focus on health to their employee populations. Competition can foster a deeper level of engagement and motivation. Learn more about the Alliance members.


2012 BizicallyFIT Health Challenge

The 2012 BizicallyFIT Health Challenge brought 10,000 Minnesotans from every corner of the state together with coworkers, friends and family to take extra steps, exercise more and drop extra pounds, competing for online rankings and bragging rights. Together, they lost 20,409 pounds, walked 1,610,427,079 steps and exercised 13,176,822 minutes.

Success stories from the BizicallyFIT™ 2012 Health Challenge:

Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge


Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge (2011)

The Biggest Loser Minnesota Challenge brought this healthy competition to allMinnesotans.Throughout the state, 22,000 Minnesotans joined the Challenge, teaming up with their coworkers friends and families. Together they lost 76,048 pounds, earned 27,749,925 nutrition points and exercised 383,807 hours — the time it would take to walk around the earth 46 times. Read stories of their success.While improving their own health and wellness, many participants also made a difference in their communities by pledging their weight loss in the Pound for Pound Challenge. As a result, 59,979 pounds of food were donated to local Feeding America food banks.

Biggest Loser Summer Challenge


Biggest Loser Summer Challenge (2010)

The Biggest Loser Summer Challenge pit employees of Alliance member companies against one another in a friendly battle focused on health.

More than 10,000 Minnesotans competed in the Summer Challenge from May to September 2010. Together, they lost 37,320 pounds, exercised 16.5 million minutes (the equivalent of walking around the earth 33 times!) and racked up millions of nutrition points by making healthy food choices.

To top it all off, a donation of $25,000 was made to Second Harvest Food Bank in the name of the three winning corporate teams.