CPPW Toolkit

The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota is a partner in the Minnesota CPPW Mentoring Grant. The Alliance is nationally recognized for it’s highly successful public private partnership that leverages the clout of large businesses with the grassroots power of community health. The Alliance can provide technical assistance to CPPW communities with a variety of proven coalition-building tactics.

“The State of Wellness in America”

CPPW communities can participate in a massive study of employers nationwide about their attitudes towards worksite health and wellness. Conducted by two nationally-renowned pollsters, it will include six focus groups. CPPW communities can sponsor a statistically-valid sample of the same poll in their own states (at no cost to them). The Alliance will coordinate media rollouts as well as posting results in a well-designed, printer friendly PDF format that can be easily linked to local websites. These results will yield a large sample for comparison nationally, as well as providing a significant public outreach opportunity to local stakeholders and employers. Learn more about the Poll

CPPW communities will have access to webinars that help them reach out to employers.

Current Resources:

One-to-One Coaching and support

The Alliance will visit participating CPPW communities to help incorporate national best practices into a localized strategic plan that pursues individual objectives.