The State of Wellness Awards

The Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota will host the first-annual State of Wellness Awards event. This luncheon and networking event will recognize individuals and organizations that play a significant role in improving and supporting the health and wellness of Minnesotans and their communities.

The awards are separated into categories that recognize the best and brightest in business, community, education and government. There will be special categories for winners of the Annual Health Challenge, cross-sector collaboration and lifetime achievement.

Approximately 75 percent of healthcare costs stem from preventable chronic conditions such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. In the fight to combat these diseases and their spiraling costs, forward-thinking businesses and communities are engaging in comprehensive prevention plans to shrink health costs and boost productivity in the workplace. Research shows that for every $1 invested in worksite wellness, companies average a $3.50 savings through reduced absenteeism and healthcare costs.

These awards will achieve much more than mere recognition of successful programs. We will use the success story narratives of award winners to inspire and motivate others to follow their lead.