How to Eat Less Without Noticing

Tip #10: Ignore health claims on packaged food product labels. Many of the world’s healthiest foods don’t have labels. Eat fresh to be healthy. (Image by

Slight calorie reduction of 100-200 calories per day is a great way to aid in healthy, gradual weight loss. Here are 10 ways to eat less without feeling deprived, or even really noticing (via Summer Tomato):

  1. Use smaller plates. Your brain responds better to external cues than internal cues, so the same amount of food will look more satisfying on a smaller, full plate than on a larger, half-full plate.
  2. Serve yourself 20 percent less. You can eat about 20 percent less at any given meal without your body taking notice. Serve yourself a little less at the beginning of a meal, and go back for more only if you are truly hungry.
  3. Use taller glasses. Height appears larger than width, so drinking from taller, narrower glasses instead of shorter, fatter ones can help you to cut liquid calories without feeling deprived.Continue Reading …

8 Quick Ways to Improve Your Diet

Eat beans to lower cholesterol and regulate digestion. (Image courtesy of

A few healthy switches can reap big rewards when it comes to nutrition. Here are 8 easy ways to eat more healthfully (via ChaCha):

  1. Drink more water. Water aid digestion and helps you to feel full, without adding sugar or calories. Replace one soda or juice with a glass of water each day, and you’ll cut about 150 calories.
  2. Read nutrition labels.┬áIt’s essential to know what’s in your food in order to make healthy choices. Check the label for calories, fat, sugar, protein, hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. Also check the serving size. You may be surprised!
  3. Switch to whole grains. Whole grains provide lasting energy and an increased feeling of fullness, and cause a lower insulin response than their processed “white” counterparts. They also lower cholesterol. Make the switch and opt for whole-grain, pasta, bread and rice.
  4. Eat beans. Kidney, pinto and navy beans are high in fiber, making you feel satiated. They also regulate digestion and lower cholesterol.Continue Reading …