Top 10 Causes of Fatigue

Do you yawn throughout the day? Your body may not be active enough. (Image courtesy of

Do you feel tired all the time? Find out what may be causing your fatigue (via WebMD):

  1. What you eat. Consuming caffeine and sugar to keep you energized may backfire because it causes major fluctuations in your blood sugar levels, leaving you more tired than before. Instead, eat lots of fruit, vegetables and lean protein to keep your blood sugar levels stable. Eating this healthy diet will also help you to carry less weight.
  2. How much you sleep. The importance of sleep cannot be overstated. If you have trouble nodding off, avoid caffeine and alcohol in the hours before bedtime and keep your bedroom quiet, cool and restful.
  3. How much you exercise. While you might be worried that you’re doing too much in our over-scheduled times, chances are you aren’t doing enough when it comes to exercise. Though it seems counterintuitive, an excellent remedy for fatigue is vigorous exercise. Get at least 40 minutes, four days per week. Continue Reading …