10 Yoga Cures

Tree pose can help ease feelings of sadness or depression. (Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net)

The healing powers of yoga can help to ease a variety of health problems, all while increasing your strength and flexibility. A recent article from Prevention.com offers up 10 simple yoga exercises to cure what ails you.

  1. For long car rides: Standing Side Opener
  2. For a hangover: Easy Seated Twist
  3. For shin splints: Hero Pose
  4. For menstrual cramps: Easy Forward Bend
  5. For a sugar craving: Seated Meditation with “V” Arms
  6. For sadness: Tree Pose
  7. For stress: Half-Pigeon Pose
  8. For a cold or flu: Alternate Nostril Breathing
  9. For a blinding migraine: Headstand Preparation
  10. For sleeplessness: Easy Lying-Down Twist

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